Research and Development

Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM) aids and co-ordinates scientific research in the Unani system of medicine through a network of 22 nationwide research institutes and units.


Along with the organised system of Unani research and development by the government, Hakeem Baqai’s  Medicare Pvt. Ltd. is also doing its research work on new formultaions uninterruptedly. Our modern age research include new techniques with old formulations prescribed in ilm e tibb. Process of manufacturing needs continuous improvement. We never compromise on quality of medicine. Development and co-ordination of unani medicine with scientific research is as important as medication of ailing patient.


Herbal medicines need to be standardised, so that there should be consistent effects on people. Before reaching the consumers, our company is assured about the quality of the products is highly maintained. A team of qualified doctors of ilm e tibb keep vigilance and test the medicines as per the need.
The CCRUM is engaged in the multifaceted research activities in the field of Unani medicine. The Council’s research programme comprises clinical research, drug standardisation, survey and cultivation of medicinal plants and literary research. These research activities are being carried out through a network of 22 Institutes/Units functioning in different parts of the country.


Safety and efficacy studies of Unani drugs is the main purpose of clinical research. Validation of the Fundamentals, Drug Standardization and Quality Control, Survey and Cultivation of Medicinal Plants, and Literary Research Information, Education and Communication (IEC), and Human Resource Development (HRD) are also part of the research and development.


Providing health services to every individual without any side effects is our agenda. So far, CCRUM is the global leader for research in Unani System of Medicine. Within scientific parameters, we want to keep the traditional and herbal medication alive all over the world. Keeping with the pace of scientific inventions, Unani medication needs regular research programmes to satisfy the need of the modern world.