Corporate Social Responsibility

Hakeem Baqai’s Medicare pvt. Ltd. plays major role in the field of herbal and natural medicines. Unani medication has scope in India as well as all over the world. So does, business of our company is linked to all spheres of life. We are well aware of our responsilbilty towards the society. Our activities are solely for our nation as a whole.


Hakeem Baqa-ullah was an expert in different arts. He was large-hearted, had great self control, modesty and intuition were the parts of his character. An expert of Unani-Tib, he was simple, sober, cheerful, sympathetic and charming. He instilled his traits to his family. We have been ordained to take pledge that the rights and privileges of the society are protected and the benefits should  help  all of them without considering their caste, creed and religion. Living healthy life is everyone’s right. We work on the terms and conditions to adopt the best possible way to serve the people of our country.


Environmental sustainability is one of our major project. Our laboratory is being taken double care to ensure the quality of products is environmental friendly. Whenever we need any ingredients from outside, we make it possible to be organic.
Most of the time, the waste is avoided or recycled appropriately. Energy is used efficiently in our factory, offices, and retail outlets. They have been insulated to minimize heat gain / loss. Air-conditioners in the every outlet are also being used accordingly with minimum wastage of energy.


Unani medicine is all about nature. It treats with herbal medicines, and is nature friendly. Our ambition is to make the world free of side effects of different medications, and introduce unani medicines to every rich and poor.