Core Values

Unani system of medicines ensure better life and health for all human beings. As unani medicine is all about natural way of healing, we are committed to provide pure medicines enriched with real herbs and other natural products. Our company is always devoted to quality work and maintain highest standard by modern production and technology units. In today’s competitive era, it is necessary to be flexible and creative to expand our vision and fulfill the demands of medical world. Safety and efficiency of our medicines is ensured by different clinical trials to get better results. The authentic manufacturing process is the outcome of our sustained effort and regular research programmes by our department.


Prestigious position of Hakeem Baqai medical pvt ltd is attained by the trust and faith of our customers and our employees, which is the reason behind our success. We have taken pledge to provide highest service and support to our customers. Our company has already received national and international recognition. We wish to expand more in different areas to contribute more and more  in the economy of our country.


The combination of age old experience in unani medicine and insightful research is helpful in making medicines for patients of all ages. Our aim is to strive hard in providing better ways of medication to fulfill the needs and requirements of all patients. Effective and highly curative medicines are guaranteed to help in healing adults and children as well.
Unani medication is based on great respect of human life. This is the reflection of our life long commitment to innovation along with age old wisdom of unani system that we have reliable and improved system of treatment and provide patient care by natural healing products.


People of our company never compromise on the quality of medicines. There are some standards and norms of our company to maintain high quality products. Selection of pure and natural raw material is our key to health care. Carrying through with all the rules and regulations of GMP, we have achieved GMP status. While fulfilling the legal requirements and ethical norms, we promote transparent and fair work environment. Vision and mission of our company is to serve the society endlessly, and make the environment healthy and beautiful.


Unani medicine system is now popular among rich and poor, educated and uneducated, men and women, all over the world. People today are aware of healthy ways of living, that’s why mostly young generation opt for unani medicines, for they have no side effects. To suit the temperament of modern man, Hakeem Baqai medicare pvt ltd  has life long commitment to offer herbal and natural medicines to everyone who wants to live peaceful and healthy life.