Unani Health Care

Hakeem Baqa-ullah was one of the eminent personalities of Iran. He had experience in Tibe-Unani and was an expert in Hikmat. He came to India when Mughals had government domination. Intellectuals, businessmen and experts in different arts had a status here.


Hakeem Baqa-ullah was an expert in different arts. Large-hearted, great self control, modesty and intuition were the parts of his character. An expert of Unani-Tib Hakeem Baqa-ullah, was simple, sober, cheerful, sympathetic and charming whoever came in his contact became a fan. Baqai family is named after him.

From the time of Mughals till date this family is dedicated to Unani medicines. Hakeem Baqa-ullah was also a part of compilation and literature. His book Majmua-e-Baqai (Dictionary of Medicines) is a famous addition in tib-e-unani which is famous today as well.


With changing of the time a new government dominated in India which introduced allopathy and created conspiracy against Unani-tib and tried well to abolish it, at that moment Hakeem Ajmal Khan was in favour of Unani tib and defeated the conspiracies but till then this new treatment of allopathy has dominated the mind of people.


Due to this English treatment people were well influenced. Once again English Bureaucracy came into existence in independent India which played a great role to establish this new method of treatment. After some time this treatment started to show advert effect and side effects of its medicines and people started to tend towards Herbal medicines. Muneer-uddin-Baqai was also a part of this chain who lives in Mohalla Hauz Khas Qazi, Delhi after that his son Hakeem shareef-uddin Baqai in the year 1930 AD continued this treatment with his efforts and made it famous.

Today’s most famous personalities of this chain are Hakeem Jameel-uddin-Baqai and Hakeem Khubaib Baqai B.U.MS., MD in Medicine (DU). Who with their great efforts kept continue this old mission and made it most famous and better and achieved a lot of development in it. He has become an owner of the most useful products (ziya Bet, waj-al-masal, amraz jigar, Amraz Meda o amma and Amraz Zanana wa Mardana) which have been tested by the new technology and are pure. More than 20 patterns are registered in his name.


With his great experience and use of latest technology Hakeem Khubaib Baqai with Mohd Junaid Hasan – M.B.A., PGDOM (Post Graducate Diploma in Operatrional Management) together started Hakeem Baqai’s Medicare pvt. Ltd. company. Fulfilling all the rules and regulations of GMP and achieved GMP status. Today Hakeem Baqai’s Medicare Pvt. Ltd is on its way of development and achievements with all its effective and pure medicines.